Family tree of Justin Bieber

Family tree of Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian singer. His mother was just 18 years old when he was born. He has a new half-sister Bay Bieber (born 2018).

His last name Bieber is of German/French origin.

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List of ancestors:

1. Justin Bieber b. March 1, 1994, London, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada2. <private> Bieber3. <private> Bieber4. Hiram Albert Bieber b. December 23, 1910, Dashwood, Huron County, Ontario, Canada; d. 19695. William Albert Bieber b. December 26, 1879, Aldborough Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada; d. February 1, 1955, Hay Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada6. Philip Bieber b. October 21, 1856, Alsace-Lorraine, France; d. November 2, 1932, Chatham-Kent, Chatham-Kent Division, Ontario, Canada7. Philippe BIEBER b. March 4, 1825, Zilling,57370,Moselle,Lorraine,FRANCE,; d. January 28, 1900, Zilling, Moselle, France8. Philippe Bieber b. 1788, Zilling, 57370, Moselle, Lorraine, FRANCE; d. November 7, 1854, Zilling, Moselle, Grand Est, France8. Sophie FAESS b. June 16, 1786, Zilling,57370,Moselle,Lorraine,FRANCE,; d. April 29, 1852, Zilling,57370,Moselle,Lorraine,FRANCE,7. Madeleine Bieber b. January 10, 1827, Metting, Moselle, Grand Est, France; d. December 9, 1871, Zilling, Moselle, France6. Caroline Bieber b. January 19, 1853; d. June 23, 1920, Highgate, Chatham-Kent Municipality, Ontario, Canada7. Nicholas Bier7. Maggie Bier5. Margaretta Bieber b. October 1872, Ontario, Canada; d. April 9, 19146. Henry Pfaff6. Elizabeth Pfaff4. Ellen Anne Mary Loretta Bieber b. 1921; d. 19815. John Michael Egan6. Michael Egan6. Helen Egan5. Mary Ann Egan6. James Whalen6. Ann Whalen3. Kathleen Hamill4. Jack Arnold5. George Arnold5. Kate Elizabeth Rattew4. Florence Alice Arnold5. David Alexander Kennedy5. Muriel Florence Kennedy6. Milton Melville Napper6. Lydia Napper b. March 12, 1863, Ontario, Canada; d. July 24, 1909, Bakersfield, Kern County, California, United States7. George Charles Rowe b. May 5, 1833, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom; d. October 10, 1907, London, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada8. George Henry Rowe b. March 29, 1801, Great Ryburgh, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom; d. July 1846, Pancras Road, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom8. Blanch Rowe b. 1799, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom; d. 18397. Martha Rowe b. January 7, 1841, Saracen?s Head, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom; d. January 23, 1928, Saint Marys, Perth County, Ontario, Canada8. George Gott b. June 7, 1810, Kirton, Lincolnshire, England; d. June 23, 1887, Kerwood, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada8. Elizabeth Gott b. May 5, 1810, Outer Circle Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England, LN2 4HU, United Kingdom; d. June 5, 1878, Parkhill, Middlesex County, ON, Canada2. Pattie Mallette b. April 2, 1976, Stratford, Perth County, Ontario, Canada3. Michael Mallette b. 1948, London, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada; d. 19844. Joseph Alexandre Mallette b. May 14, 1917, La Passe, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada; d. 19815. Felix Alfred Telesphore Mallette b. April 5, 1894, Fort-Coulonge, Pontiac Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada; d. January 26, 1975, Ottawa, Ottawa Division, Ontario, Canada5. Alida Mallette b. October 16, 1897, Mansfield-et-Pontefract, Pontiac, Qubec, Canada; d. May 13, 1996, Shawville, Pontiac Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada6. Alexandre Ildephonse Lachance b. June 2, 1869, La Passe, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada; d. July 18, 1961, La Passe, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada7. Francois Xavier Lachance b. 1818; d. 19028. Jean Pepin-Lachance b. February 1, 1789, Quebec, Canada; d. January 15, 1865, Saint-Jean-de-l?le-d?Orlans, L?le-d?Orlans Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada8. Marie Angelique Louise Pepin-Lachance7. Domitilde Lachance6. Adelaide Lachance b. May 22, 1868, Mercier, Roussillon Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada; d. 1951, Ontario, Canada7. tienne Marleau b. November 15, 1833, Chteauguay, Roussillon Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada; d. July 7, 1918, Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada7. Adelaide Marleau b. June 13, 1832, Chteauguay, Roussillon Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada; d. September 22, 1875, Mercier, Roussillon Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada8. Toussaint Legault b. March 15, 1807; d. 18848. Marie Legault4. Theresa Mallette b. Reading, Reading, England, United Kingdom; d. September 19, 1979, Timmins, Cochrane District, Ontario, Canada3. <private> Dale (Henry)4. Venant Eugene Henry b. September 6, 1924, Quebec, Canada; d. November 26, 19755. Daniel Henry b. October 14, 18826. Pierre Henry6. lisabeth Henry5. Marguerite-louise Henry (Babin) b. 1887, Qubec, Canada; d. 19886. Ambroise Babin b. December 7, 1848, New Carlisle, Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada; d. 19087. Paul Babin b. March 4, 1804, Bonaventure, QC, Canada8. Amand Babin b. circa 1765, Bonaventure, QC, Canada; d. February 7, 1840, Bonaventure, QC, Canada8. Ursule Poirier b. circa 1770, Bonaventure, QC, Canada; d. June 6, 1835, Bonaventure, QC, Canada7. Marthe Babin (Couture) b. September 1, 1815, Grande-Rivire, c.Gasp, Qc.; d. May 7, 1872, Bonaventure, QC, Canada8. Franois Joseph Couture dit Bellerive b. circa 1784, St-Franois-de-Sales, Neuville, Qc.8. Anne Ferguson b. circa 1785, Grande Riviere, Quebec, Canada; d. 18856. Charlotte Babin b. September 3, 1847, Bonaventure, QC, Canada; d. November 18, 1918, Bonaventure, Bonaventure Regional County Municipality, QC, Canada7. Hilarion Bourdages b. April 30, 1819, Bonaventure, QC, Canada8. Antoine Bourdages b. circa 1770, QC8. Charlotte Bourg / Bourque b. circa 1778, Beaubassin, Acadia; d. 1821, Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada7. Marie-lisabeth Poirier b. August 15, 1818, Bonaventure, QC, Canada8. Jean-Baptiste Poirier b. November 17, 1779, Gasp, Quebec, Canada; d. February 11, 1825, Gasp, Quebec, Canada8. lisabeth-Charlotte Arseneault b. circa 1783; d. circa 18544. Estelle Corbeil b. circa 19255. Joseph Roland-Garneau Germain b. May 19056. Treffle Germain b. August 18, 1876, St-Tite, Mkinac Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada; d. 19567. Louis Germain b. September 19, 1817, Sainte-Anne-de-la-Prade, Francheville, Qubec, Canada; d. April 19, 1900, St-Tite, Mkinac Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada7. Marie Germain b. July 30, 18298. Jean Baptiste Thiffeault b. March 31, 1801; d. September 25, 1885, Saint Stanislas, Francheville Regional County Municipality, QC, Canada8. Marie Josehte Thiffeault b. May 8, 17976. Hermine Armenie Germain b. January 2, 1883; d. 19577. Joseph Ismael Tousignant7. Marie-Olive Tousignant8. Mathilde Bonenfant b. 1820; d. 18975. Marie Alphonsine Germain b. 1915


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