Plant a Tree Plant a New Life

Plant a Tree Plant a New Life

Many woodcutters cut tree to make furniture and many more things. Many fields are cut and convert into colonies, plazas etc. That?s why the growth of the trees are being decreased rapidly.

Now it?s time that every person grows the tree to make our country green. And also make our country pollution free.

I joined foster learning program in 13 of October 2018. In this training program, they gave the outdoor project. The outdoor project was planting the tree and they made groups. In group, every member of the group grown at least 5 plants individually. It was very interesting. We also learnt team work in this project. We are 4 members in the group. During the outdoor project many problems are arises. Especially when we discussed where we grow the plant, which place are best for planting. We want to choose those place where less tree is grown. Then we selected Chenab garden.

We are going for planting the plant on Tuesday. Firstly, we were going university to attended lecture. After then we were together one place then arrange uber car. The boy who?s our team who don?t know about the way of Chenab garden. We pick this boy from a spot where he stands and waiting for us. This moment was really awkward because the place we choose many relatives are lived on that area, one fear that in our heart if someone seen what they think. But its OK those people actually fixed mind, what they think whose care about it. Our main focused was complete the project. Then finally, we completed our project.

I love this project because I grow the plant with my hands. Before this I never ever did this type of project. I really enjoyed it. This is my first life experience to go outside for outdoor project.

?You may not plant millions of trees but if you can take care one single tree with love and care, that will make you great?

The question is arising on my mind what we are doing with plants? If all plants are cut what happened?

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