The Story of the RedWood Trees

The Story of the RedWood Trees

Photo by Josh Carter

The reason this is analogous to our team is the culture we create and propagate. That everyone that has joined us in building this vision has been supporting each other with personal and professional goals. Let?s be the RedWood forest with a helpful nature, a supportive mission for others and be a planet friendly organization.

So, by protecting our local redwood forests, we make a major contribution toward stabilizing the global climate. If these redwood trees are overcut, burned or degraded, the climate is harmed two ways: (1) by losing the trees? power to capture CO2, and (2) by releasing enormous amounts of stored carbon into the atmosphere. (Globally, deforestation and other destructive land use account for nearly 25% of CO2 emissions.) Keep in mind that as the climate changes, the redwood forests in the Santa Cruz Mountains are one of very few areas that can provide a refuge for plants and animals to survive, because the area has many microclimates, is cooled by coastal summertime fog and is still largely unpaved. For more on these incredible sentinels, and how to help protect them, visit Treejer , also contribute to ?Save the Redwoods?, and ?Sempervirens Fund? as local community planters, rangers and supporters.

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