The Wee family tree

The Wee family tree

Wee Kheng Chiang

Wee Kheng Chiang (Son of Wee Tee Ya and Choo Kim Kiaw) and Ong Siew EngFather of Wee Siok Hua; Wee Hian Teck; Wee Bee Siok; Wee Hood Teck; Wee Cho Yaw; Bee Choo Wee and Bee Hua Wee.

His grandchild Alexandra Eu is married to a Kuok grandchild: Kuok Meng Wei.

?In her 5 years experience as a strategic planner in DDB and an Events & Marketing manager at UOB Private Banking, Alexandra has worked with corporate and retail clients to develop multimedia marketing and branding strategies. She also co-founded and ran Art Loft Asia, a leading art e-commerce platform focusing on Asian art.? -hive-up

Alexandra studied Communications and Photography at Boston College from 2003?2007

Jonathan Eu

Jonathan Eu was the General Manager (Investment & Asset Management) at UOL Group Singapore from 2009 to 2020.

He is the Chief Operating Officer of UIC (United Industrial Corporation) since Jan 2020

He studied at Wharton School, University of PennsylvaniaFinance and OPIM (Bachelor)from 2002?2006


Wee Hood Teck

Wee was the founder and chairman of Eastern Oxygen Industries Sdn Bhd, and a younger brother of Singaporean banker Wee Cho Yaw.

The prominent businessman, who served for 12 years as president of the Kuching Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry until 1978, made significant financial contribution to Chinese education.

He was also a long-serving chairman of the Sarawak Turf Club.

Wee left behind widow Datin Amar Kathryn Phang-Wee Geok Lian, four sons and three daughters. His children were: Richard Wee Liang Huat, (wife Dona Amat Drury), and Anna Wee Chiaw Sek, treasurer of Sarawak Heritage Society.

He will be laid to rest at the Hokkien Cemetery in Jalan Giam, off Jalan Penrissen on Tuesday.

Robert Kuok?s family tree

Robert Kuok Hock Nien, is a Malaysian business magnate and investor of Chinese descent. His father Kuok Keng Kang came?

Wee Cho Bian

He has two children with Cheong Soh Chin:

Wee Boo Kuan (born 1966)Wee Boo Tee (born 1968)

Wee Boo Kuan

Mr Wee Boo Kuan is a businessman with more than 30 years of experience in the field of Health and Wellness. He has a strong interest and experience in ecological Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability initiatives (LOHAS). He was instrumental in establishing Singapore?s first certified organic farms under Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) in the late 1990s and was involved in the wholesale and retail of organic products (Brown Rice Paradise) in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Australia. He initiated the development of a range of Australian certified organic personal care line and obtained organic certification for a hotel in Western Australia.

In commemorating his father Wee Cho Bian?s 25th year of passing, Mr Wee decided to co-found Extra?Ordinary People. In close collaboration with the business community and other charities, Extra?Ordinary People will focus on the special needs community in Singapore, contributing to a more inclusive and vibrant community. (Source)

Full tree:


List of descendants:

1. WEE Tee Ya b. Kinmen County; d. 1889? +CHOO Kim Kiaw2. Elder Brother WEE2. WEE Kheng Chiang, ??? b. July 22, 1890; d. 1978? +ONG Siew Eng, ???3. WEE Siok Hua3. WEE Hian Teck? +Annie LYE3. Wife 1: WEE Bee Siok d. May 15, 1985? +Ong Kee Hui ??? b. August 19, 1914; d. April 19, 20004. Ong Liang Kui, Philip? +Patsy Lim5. Patrice Ong5. Patrina Ong4. Ong Liang Hee, Albert? +Nora Chan5. Andre Ong5. Marina ONG4. Nancy Ong? +George Teo5. Gavin Teo5. Glynis Nott4. Rosalind Ong? +Aloysius Eng5. Nicholas CHAN5. Natalie CHAN4. Doris Ong? +Kong Ai Ting5. Keith Kong4. Ong Chiaw Khim, Daisy? +Bret Hodkinson5. Ian Hodkinson3. Tyrone WEE Hood Teck d. June 3, 2005, Kuching,, Sarawak, Malaysia? +Kathryn PHANG Geok Lian; m. after July 19504. Richard WEE Liang Huat4. Daughter WEE? +Ernest HO Keng Seng4. Anna WEE? +-NG Hock Seng d. 2004, Singapore, Singapore; div.20003. Wee Cho Yaw ??? b. 1928, Quemoy, Jinhu Township, Kinmen County, Taiwan? +Chuang Yong Eng4. WEE Wei Ling? +Tan Deng Lang5. Shin Hui Tan b. 19844. WEE Ee Cheong ??? b. 19535. WEE Teng Wen4. WEE Ee Chao4. WEE Ee Lim4. Wei Chi Eu? +David Eu Yee Tat5. Jonathan Eu5. Alexandra Eu3. Bee Choo Wee3. Bee Hua Wee2. Brother WEE2. Sister WEE


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