William Soeryadjaya’s family tree

William Soeryadjaya’s family tree

William Soeryadjaya was a Chinese Indonesian businessman who co-founded Astra International, Indonesia?s largest conglomerate. He had four children. His wife Lily Soeryadjaya, passed away at the age of 97 in South Jakarta.

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Edward Soeryadjaya

Edward?s son Aditya Wisnuwardana Seky Soeryadjaya (born 31 Aug 1978) is the former CEO/Executive Director at Eneco Energy Ltd.

Edwin Soeryadjaya

Edwin has three children: Michael William Soeryadjaya, Marissa Lily Soeryadjaya and Michele Julianne Soeryadjaya.

Michael is a businessman and director of Merdeka Copper Gold.

Joyce Soeryadjaya Kerr

Joyce (born 1950) married Bradley Kerr (born 1946) and is resident in Lakewood, California (so). Children:

Matthew George S. Kerr

Judith Soeryadjaya

His youngest child: Judith, has two children: William Shane Tan and Angelica Nathania Tan. William is married to Fanny Maeloa, who is the daughter of Sukmawati Widjaja, and granddaughter of Eka Tjipa Widjaja. Read more about the Widjaja family.

Angelica is married to Roberto P. Lumban Gaol, a Golongan Karya Party (Golkar) politician who ran unsuccessfully in the DPR 2014 election the electoral district North Sumatra II.

Benyamin Arman Soeryadjaya (22 Dec 1922 Majalengka ? 2 Apr 2010 Jakarta)

William Soeryadjaya?s younger brother Benyamin passed away in 2010. He has a son Johannes Suriadjaja, who is the President Director of Surya Semesta Internusa. Johannes? daughter Christina Suriadjaja is the CSO and co-founder of Travelio.com, an online residential real estate management company based in Jakarta.


Johannes SuriadjajaRina SuriadjajaRia Suriadjaja (Riawati Suriadjaja) and Alfi Gunawan. Children: Nathan, Armand and Brandon (s)

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